The most professional team of engineers in the industry

Jiangnan optical service engineers will undergo rigorous training and evaluation, and the company will manage and certify the engineers. It is with such an engineer certification system and professional service team that the service system of jiangnan optics is supported strongly. These certified service engineers provide professional, standardized, and personal services.

Efficient and efficient spare parts operation, ensure that customer demand can be supplied at any time, and it is a strong guarantee that customer problem can be solved quickly.

Strong technical support is a strong guarantee for quick resolution of customer issues

Jiangnan optics has formed the technical support team, and the strong technical support capability is another strong guarantee for the customer problem to be solved quickly. Through the unified national service hotline at (+ 86-555-2783360), customers in the first time to contact with us, we are able to ensure efficient and accurate to solve the problems of the customers, which can effectively enhance customer satisfaction.

The product application

1, sports optics system; Microoptical systems; View optical system; Solar photovoltaic optical part system; Medical examination optical system; 6, screening and projection optical systems; Mapping optical systems, etc.

Strong service strength, let the customer experience to be a kind of down-to-earth, intimate, professional and closely watched service!

Jiangnan optical services, customer oriented, innovative service mode, meet the demand of users more personalized service, hard skills, ability to guarantee service unceasingly, constantly bring better service to the user experience and more value-added services.