▶ In the years of cooperation with international and domestic large optical enterprises, the supply and demand relationship of industrial chain is established. As we work with each other, we have been involved in the development of multiple optical products for our customers。

▶ We have been working closely with anhui university of technology and nanjing university of science and technology. The research and development center has been sending people to nanjing university of technology to carry out the theory in the long run。

▶ Knowledge training: deep docking and discussion of technology and technology. The long-term production and research mutual agreement has provided us with the protection of the technical exchanges, transformation and resource sharing of the research institutes。

▶ Foreign cooperation, and the surrounding all kinds of optical company in close exchanges and cooperation and many times for high precision product quality inspection report issued by relevant cooperation company, and provide training platform for partners with demand。

▶ Resource sharing: according to the company the new large precision testing equipment in maanshan city large scientific instruments sharing service platform and large scientific instruments sharing service platform in anhui province are Shared, for related enterprises to provide quality services; It also increases opportunities for intra-industry communication。