JiangNan Optics Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers specializing in the planar optical prism in China for over 17 years. Currently, we have 20 patents for optical process technology (China). Featured in producing high precision roof prisms, deflection prisms, special shaped prisms, flat mirrors and reflectors, the materials that we use include crown glass, flint glass, lanthanum glass, fused silica, Zerodur® and Pyrex, etc.

In 2018, four utility model patents were granted to JiangNan Co.. A "Subdivision Multi-tooth Dividing Table" was purchased, which can measure products at any angle with inspection accuracy within seconds.





In conformity with the ISO 10110 and MIL-PRF-13830B standards,  our professional testing and inspection methods have guaranteed the quality of every product we offer. Our products are widely applied in the high-precision projection equipments, laser equipments, medical equipments, new energy and biological science and technology, etc.
  Every product we supply has been manufactured by the polishing processing line that is in line with the international standards.
  Our team has professional experiences.
  We are determined to provide our customers with good quality and reliable products and services.
  We look forward to working with you!